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22 July 1998

$7 Million Grant Awarded to Study Cancer among Underserved Women

The Northern California Cancer Center (NCCC) has been awarded a $7 million grant from the National Cancer Institute to conduct a study aimed at improving cancer screening and follow-up for ethnically diverse and low-income women in Alameda and San Francisco counties. Eliseo Perez-Stable, UCSF professor of medicine, is one of the principal investigators of the study. The research will be carried out by a team of 15 investigators and their staff, representing NCCC and its collaborating institutions -- UCSF, UC Berkeley, Highland General Hospital and the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research. The goals of the five-year study are to increase initial and periodic breast and cervical cancer screening and to improve rates of follow-up of abnormal pap smears and mammograms among underserved women. NCCC statistics show that the breast cancer mortality rates for African-American, Filipino and Latino women in the Bay Area are significantly higher than other groups and that mortality for cervical cancer is higher for African-American, Latinas, Filipinas, and Chinese than for all other women. In addition, statistics show that non-English speaking women in the Bay Area do not get mammograms or pap smears as frequently as their English-speaking counterparts. NCCC, which was established in 1974 by Stanford University, UCSF and the California Division of the American Cancer Society, is known nationally for research aimed at reducing the burden of cancer among multiethnic and underserved communities.

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