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  Health Care Delivery
CHC faculty are examining the impact of changes in the health care industry and external environment (e.g. government regulation and technology) on patient outcomes and population health. The group will address various issues, such as :

Impact of increased patient coverage in managed care plans and the increased number of health care providers working in managed care systems;
Accountability for the health of defined populations and investment in prevention strategies;
Agreements and protocols that influence patient care, including the effects of social, behavioral, and cultural factors;
Evaluation of outcomes across the continuum of clinical practice arrangements;
Dissemination of outcome information to the public; and
Impact of technology on health care decisions and patient-provider relationships.

Faculty in several CHC units have been awarded a 5 year, $5 million grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to examine how marketplace behavior affects quality and how the increased focus on quality, in turn, affects the various participants in the health care system.  Specifically, the project examines decisions by large employers in choosing among health plans; how these decisions influence health plan quality in markets with varying degrees;of health plan competition; advertising strategies used by plans to attract various types of enrollees; the implications of behaviors in these different markets for consumers, with focus on racial and ethnic minority groups.

Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies
Institute for Health and Aging
National Adolescent Health Information Center

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