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Stress, Environment, and Weight (SEW) Center

The Stress, Environment, and Weight (SEW) Center is a multicampus research program funded by a UCOP (University of California Office of the President) Multicampus Center Grant. The SEW Center serves 50 researchers, postdocs, and graduate students across 3 University of California campuses, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Davis.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Stress, Environment, and Weight (SEW) Center is to reduce the prevalence and adverse consequences of obesity, including related metabolic diseases such as diabetes and metabolic disorders. We aim to test novel interventions targeting the environmental context and biological pathways by which stress and reward/pleasure from palatable food influence eating behaviors and abdominal fat deposition. Our translational approach and environmental context encompasses the psychology of eating and behavior change, and the neuroscience of stress, appetite, and reward, to test whether modulating the neural reward pathways and stress response systems reduces abdominal obesity, weight, and weight related metabolic disturbances.


Working in a strong interdisciplinary team across three University of California campuses, San Francisco's Center for Obesity, Assessment, and Treatment Center (COAST), Berkeley's Atkins Center for Weight and Health, and Davis, we address the obesity epidemic, with a focus on the role of social disadvantage and stress on diet and obesity, and for the development of effective interventions that are relavant to public policy.

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