CHC conference room reservations

CHC Conference Room Reservations
The UCSF Center for Health & Community hosts conference rooms for programs affiliated with its programs.

CHC is located in the Laurel Heights campus building on 3333 California Street between Presidio and Laurel Streets,Suite 465.

If you are a part of one of our affiliated programs, you may reserve CHC conference rooms online using the UCSF conference scheduling system. The link below will give you downloadable instructions on how to reserve a conference room; instructions are also included below the link.

For all others in programs unaffiliated with CHC, you are limited to conference rooms 272, 366, 376, 382, and 384. To make a reservation for one of those rooms, you may use either 1) our online reservation form, or 2) please email [email protected].

To schedule a conference room:

  1. Click on the conference room you want to reserve. You will be taken to the UCSF web mail site, where you will need to log in with the user ID and password for SOM\CHCSpace, password should be requested from chc email.
  2. Before scheduling a room, check to see that no one else has not reserved the room.  Outlook allows you to double book.  We want to avoid this!
  3. Double click on the day you want to schedule
  4. Double click on the time you want to block out (IF POSSIBLE, BLOCK ADEQUATE TIME  FOR ANY A/V SET UP)
  5. In the Subject line enter the following fields (REQUIRED): Program/Department, Contact’s name, and Contact’s phone number.
  6. Under location, enter the room number.  
  7. Enter the time.
  8. Click on “Save and Close”

Note: when you are finished, please close your browser to prevent your computer from remaining signed in to the scheduling system.

Conference Room number

Seating capacity

Room amenities

Room 272


White board and chalk board; Conference phone capability (415-476-4922)

Room 366


Conference room; no phone

Room 376


White board; Conference phone capability (415-502-6619); AV equipment (laptop PC, LCD projector, VCR); wired internet access

Room 382


White board

Room 384


White board, Conference phone capability

Room 454


White board

Room 456


White board

Room 457


White board

Room 474


White board; AV equipment (laptop PC, LCD projector, and VCR/DVD); wired internet access

Room 476


White board