Leslie Wilson, PhD

Clinical Pharmacy
+1 415 990-1012

Dr. Leslie Wilson is a Professor in the Department of Medicine and the Department of Clinical Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy at the University of California, San Francisco. Prior to joining the faculty at UCSF, she was the Director of Health Economics for Miles Inc. and also for Bayer AG. Dr. Wilson received her Ph.D. in health policy and economics from the University of Maryland. Her current research focuses on economic and outcome analyses including the cost of illness and cost effectiveness analyses of cancer and specific chronic diseases (including rare diseases) and how new diagnostics, treatments, and patterns of care affect the costs and outcomes of these diseases. She also looks at the epidemiology, risks and economics of Valley Fever, and also Chagas disease and its treatment in developing countries and in the U.S. blood supply. She also looks patient preference and decision making; specifically how patients weigh risks and benefits when making on treatment choices. Dr. Wilson is working with the FDA to help incorporate patient preference into approval of devices. In addition, Dr. Wilson studies the economics of policy issues, including the effects of drug legislation within the California Workers’ Compensation System, and cultural competence in California medical, dental and pharmacy schools. Dr. Wilson was instrumental in bringing health economics into the current and new pharmacy curriculum and teaches a course on decision analysis modeling and an elective and independent study on research in health economics. She is the developer and Co-Director of the Program for Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy Studies(ProPEPS) whose purpose is to organize the development of economic and policy research, teaching , and funding within the Department of Clinical Pharmacy. She works with the Department of Urology on the economic issues in treatment of prostate cancer, with the Department of Neurology on a CMS innovation grant looking at new economic models of dementia care, and with the Osher Center on the economics of integrative medicine treatments.


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