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The changing epidemiology of serious bacterial infections in young infants.

The Pediatric infectious disease journal

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Office-based treatment and outcomes for febrile infants with clinically diagnosed bronchiolitis.


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Forgone health care among U.S. adolescents: associations between risk characteristics and confidentiality concern.

The Journal of adolescent health : official publication of the Society for Adolescent Medicine

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Does clinical presentation explain practice variability in the treatment of febrile infants?


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Examination of the treatment and follow-up care for adolescents who test positive for Chlamydia trachomatis infection.

Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine

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Screening sexually active adolescents for Chlamydia trachomatis: what about the boys?

American journal of public health

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Choice of urine collection methods for the diagnosis of urinary tract infection in young, febrile infants.

Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine

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A Fever of unknown source.

The virtual mentor : VM

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Impact of pulse oximetry and oxygen therapy on length of stay in bronchiolitis hospitalizations.

Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine

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Management and outcomes of care of fever in early infancy.


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To screen or not to screen: prevalence of C. trachomatis among sexually active asymptomatic male adolescents attending health maintenance pediatric visits.

The Journal of adolescent health : official publication of the Society for Adolescent Medicine

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Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine

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Body temperature of newborns: what is normal?

Clinical pediatrics

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Is the routine pelvic examination needed with the advent of urine-based screening for sexually transmitted diseases?

Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine

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Gender differences in physician-patient communication. Evidence from pediatric visits.

Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine

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Health care of children and adults with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. A population-based analysis.

Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine

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Evaluation of urine-based screening strategies to detect Chlamydia trachomatis among sexually active asymptomatic young males.


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Costs and benefits of lead screening.


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Patterns of fecal coliform contamination in day-care centers.

Public health nursing (Boston, Mass.)

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Cost-effectiveness analysis in pediatric practice.


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A health-education program for day-care centers.

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Assessment of children's health status. Field test of new approaches.

Medical care

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Children's perceptions of physicians and medical care: two measures.

Journal of pediatric psychology

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Patient, parent, and physician perspectives on pediatric oncology rounds.

The Journal of pediatrics

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Training pediatrics residents to use clinical observation scales.

Journal of medical education

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Measuring the impact of medical care on children.

Journal of chronic diseases

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The art and science of medical decision making.

The Journal of pediatrics

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Urinary tract infection in infants with unexplained fever: a collaborative study.

The Journal of pediatrics

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Adolescent chest pain: a prospective study.


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Physician communication with children and parents.


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Children as patients: a communications process study in family practice.

The Journal of family practice

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Psychosocial and psychosomatic diagnoses in primary care of children.


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Fever in the first six months of life: risks of underlying serious infection.

Clinical pediatrics

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