Center for Obesity Assessment, Study and Treatment

Working in interdisciplinary teams across the University, our clinical and translational research team investigates the influence of psychosocial stressors on metabolism, eating behavior and nutrition, physical activity, fat distribution, and weight gain trajectories throughout the life course of diverse populations. We test translational research concepts spanning from basic science to epidemiologic and intervention studies.  In addition to traditional clinical trials, we actively support studies that are multi-level interventions, like the UCSF Healthy Beverage Initiative, as well as a new model of clinical intervention development research, influenced by the NIH ORBIT model and Science of Behavior Change. 

Our annual symposium has a high impact and wide reach, disseminating the latest research and knowledge in our field. The event is widely attended by scientists from across the UC's and other top academic institutions, and unites clinicians, scientists, and policy makers to encourage meaningful, evidence based action to address many of the most important public health challenges of our time.

Our mission is to reduce the prevalence and adverse consequences of obesity. We seek to advance knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms by which socioeconomic and psychological stress influences obesity, and to develop effective and innovative interventions.