Patrick Finley, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacy

Dr. Finley is a Professor of Clinical Pharmacy at UC San Francisco with a special interest in psychopharmacology and behavioral health. He became Board Certified in Psychiatric Pharmacy (BCPP) in 2007 and is a licensed medical provider at UCSF and a clinician in the depression clinic located at the Womens Health Center. He is a nationally recognized expert in the pharmacological management of mood disorders, with an emphasis on the treatment of mental illness in perinatal populations. He has additional expertise in the field of pharmacokinetics, particularly as it applies to potential drug interactions and associated toxicities with psychotropic medications. Dr. Finley also completed a certificate program in Outcomes Research and Epidemiology through the UCSF School of Medicine and has applied this training to conduct clinical and translational research using large databases (eg - California State Medicaid). He is a committed advocate to the cause of optimizing the medical treatment of the mentally ill and is actively involved in professional organizations and the community at large to promote safe and efficacious medication use.


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